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Monday 15th September 2014

Light , for Your Darkest Days

You are in the middle of your story, and yeah, it might look dim today. But—spoiler alertthe Light wins.

No matter what the headline says.
No matter what the MRI says.
No matter what it says on your credit-card statement, your report card, your overworked calendar, or your latest rejection letter. Look for the light.

At (in)courage today, I’m sharing the lessons I learned from chasing light with my camera at 6 a.m. in rural Iowa.

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light wins iowa sunrise

These two used to argue, pull hair, wrestle, tattle, accuse the other of losing the Polly Pockets or Webkinz, swear they would never talk to each other again. EVER! I remember sitting them down so many times when they were little, reminding them that som… ift.tt/2ECpmkG pic.twitter.com/3QoSpmcCmY