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Tuesday 3rd July 2012

Let Freedom Ring

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Today is the Fourth of July, and I’m remembering a moment two years ago when I stood outside the state prison, realizing how freedom can catch hold of people in rancorous places. Would you join me, on the other side of the razor wire?

I’m sharing a story of freedom over at The High Calling.


The linky for our weekly God-Bumps & God-Incidences  is now open!

What are God-Bumps? They are those crazy-cool moments that give you goose-bumps, or rather, God-Bumps.

And a God-incidence? That’s one of those serendipitous moments that some folks like to call coincidences. Around here, we call them God-incidences.

Write your story. Add a button, found here. And share the direct URL of your story below! (Our family is away much of this week, but I will try to stop by your place soon… I love seeing you here. )




  • And Happy Independence Day to you too, miss JDL.


  • Jennifer, read your story over at the High Calling and thought I’d leave a comment here since Disqus isn’t working over there. What a beautiful reflection of freedom this morning as I take a few moments before the days activity ensues. I’m thankful that the ground is level at the foot of the cross, thankful for you today. Happy 4th to you.

    • Thank you, Shelly. I so appreciate you being here, and for taking the time to comment and share, even though you were having trouble with the Disqus system there. Did you try to comment today? I didn’t have any trouble today… I do know that the other editors were trying to get the situation resolved at the site. Thank you for your patience and grace!

  • Lynn Morrissey

    Jennifer, such a beautiful story of redemption and reminder that none of us is free without Christ. I think of my friend Carol Kent and her son who, though imprisoned, ministers with freedom in Christ to many who do not yet know Him. If you have never read Carol’s When I Lay My Isaac Down and A New Kind of Normal, these would bless your heart. What a beautiful reflection you’ve given–we’re all free at the foot of the Cross (and the Cross is the great leveler. Christians can’t look down on others if their heads are bowed before the Cross). Thank you so much for sharing.

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  • happy independence day to you, beautiful jennifer! praying for you as you celebrate, and as you write. xo

@suzanneeller It's a short flight south! The guac awaits. ❤️🇲🇽🍹🌴🌊