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Tuesday 17th January 2012

God-Bumps: I Am … Forgiven

Two girls.
Five paint brushes.
And 108 different answers to
One important question:

“In God’s Heart
I am . . . ?

We asked the question, and you answered.

The result?

One night of fun for the girls and I, painting life-changing truths on canvas.

Oh … yeah.

We are more than our mistakes and our missteps;
we are more than our problems or our pasts.

We … are …  HIS.

Here is our video, putting your words to the canvas.

Song: Forgiven by Sanctus Real

Words: These are your one-word answers to the question. You were kind enough to leave them here in the comment box, over at the Getting Down With Jesus Facebook page, and in emails. Thank you for your affirming words! We couldn’t fit them all into the video, so I let the girls choose which ones to paint. But we read all of them out loud!

Inspiration: Holley Gerth, who asked the question first.

Email subscribers: Can’t see the video? Click over here for a look.

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  • NICE. And a leftie in the bunch – good to see.

    • Would you believe me, Diana, if I told you that there isn’t just one leftie, but FOUR?

      Yes, Anna, Lydia, Scott and I are ALL lefties!

  • Very nice. Their work, your work.

    His work.

    • But no choate. 🙁

      I mean … not on the canvas, anyway. 🙂

      • I love the words they chose. For their purposes, I think it was better left on paper.

        I’m just glad she went to look it up . 😉

        • Oh, she sure did, Lyla. In fact, as soon as Scott got home, she asked him the question right away. Without letting him look in a dictionary.

          She wanted to see if he could tell her straight out. He couldn’t. And she looked at me, and asked: “Mom, am I pronouncing this right?” … I had to confess that I had NO idea. 🙂

  • Kathy

    Been a rough day for me and my “little” girl…she is having troubles and too far away for me to hug. Seeing this video made me smile…thank you ladies 🙂

    • Oh Kathy …

      They grow big too fast, I think. (hugs to you.)

  • Deb Russell

    Beautiful … simply beautiful Jennifer!

    • Thank you, Deb, for your affirming words! God is good. He has so much to tell us and to teach us about who we really are, in His heart. It’s fun to share the experience with my girls.

  • Oh, my.

    This brought beautiful tears. Thank you!

    • Me, too, Sheila. Watching those girls paint God’s affirming words on that canvas? Yeah. … It was a cool thing. I kept praying: “Please, God, … don’t let them forget that these words are true. These words are the ones You speak over them!”

  • What a memorable project for all of you, and us.

    • It was. Very memorable. And thank you for your word(s), Susan. If I recall, you gave me two words. One here, and one on the Facebook page.

      You bless us. You really, really do.

  • Great idea…praying with you that your girls remember how God sees them : ) So precious.

    • Me, too. Dolly. I want them to remember. I showed them the video after school, and their eyes lit up. They painted again tonight. I hope they paint all their lives, and every time they put brushes to canvas, that they see themselves as the masterpieces.

  • caryl dukes

    Oh the artists you have and what a lesson to teach the girls..Loved watching them dip those colors in each color and anxious to put up another word..Thanks Lee girls and Mom.

    • Hey Mom! Did you see your word there? Lydia wanted to be sure to get Mema’s “making a difference” onto the painting.

  • Loved this. And who knows? Years from now, during a dark night of the soul, (we all have them don’t we?) the Spirit may whisper a memory of this project into the hearts of your girls. And they’ll remember what is true about them. #goodwork

    • Oh thank you, Nancy, for these affirming words. It is sometimes these types of moments that resurface to remind us who we are … and Whose we are.

      And thank you for linking on Facebook. 🙂

  • I’m blown away by the blend of creativity and heart that went into that video. This is extremely cool!
    ~ Wendy

    • Thank you, Wendy! It was great fun. So cool to watch them take these words, and make art of them.

  • Loved this! I want to do this with my grandchildren. There’s something about putting it all down right there in front of you! Beautiful words.

    • It was wonderful, Cindy. I don’t get the paints out enough, quite frankly. Always afraid it will be too messy, or too much work, or too something ….

      We bought a few small canvases, and the girls have been having such fun. I kept the tarp down in the laundry room for the week, to let them play and explore with paint.

      Now, we just need to remember to wash the brushes out after art time! We forgot last night. Oops!

  • What an unbelievably cool project!

    • Part of me wants to go get a canvas of my own, and just see what happens. I always wanted to take an art class. I’m so literal, though. I often wonder if I don’t think enough like a “real” artist. … Which is at the root of most of my problems–that silly self-doubting nature. A sense that I’m “not good enough.” I guess that’s the cool thing about art. We all get to be artists; we all ARE artists in some way, by God’s design.

  • Simply beautiful, Jennifer.

    I too have a leftie, and I think that’s special.

    • You’ve heard the saying, I’m sure, that “lefties are in their right minds.” 😉

      Thanks, Joan, for stopping by.

  • It’s nice to meet you Jennifer. I found your link at Graceful. You have an awesome blog and I’ve joined your linky party today. And now I will become your newest follower. ♥

    • Betty Jo! Nice to have you here. (Shakes hand.)

      I am really delighted that you’ve joined the link-up, too.

  • so lovely…to see…to hear…to write…to ponder — everyday. Always remembering who are we are in the heart and eyes of God.

    • These are good, good words, aren’t they Jen? Life-changing.

  • Happy tears.

    • My favorite kind. 🙂

      Love you, friend.

  • I am forgiven are the three words that can move a mountain of regret and shame.

    I say them often.

    • Me, too, David. Me, too. That would be one of the words I would have picked.

      And whole. I like “whole.”

      The girls liked “cute.” 🙂

  • I think this was a great idea! Wish I had known of it when my girls were little …

    • I think we’ll treasure this video for a good long while.

  • Flood of tears
    His truth drowning out all the lies
    This would make great tee-sirts too!

  • i love that you did this! so awesome!

    • Me, too. I’m glad too. It was so fun to watch them create, and to really let those words sink in deep.

  • You have some skills friend, putting that video together! That project and those girls – what a treasure! They are blessed to have you for their Mom. Thanks for sharing that.

    • Awww … I used Windows Movie Maker. It was easier than I expected!

      And the girls … yes. Treasures, indeed.

      Thank you for saying so. 🙂

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  • How cool! For you and for them!

    Thanks for sharing!

    • And thank YOU Joe for stopping by. 🙂

  • I so wanted to post a word but tied myself in knots about which one. And missed out on some of the fun.
    Next time, I’ll try to have sufficient confidence to just jump in there.

    • But I’m glad you stopped by anyway, Deborahjoy. And isn’t it just so hard to limit it to a single word? How do we? God is just … so … big. Like Hazel said below you in the comment box, you can’t fit it all on a canvas! 🙂

  • The painting is so awesome but your canvas is not large enough to contain them all! 🙂

    • You are exactly right, Hazel! When I got home with the canvas, then looked at the number of responses on the blog and the Facebook page, I thought: “uh-oh.” Too small.

      Which reminds me of the very last verse in the Gospel of John. 🙂

  • Love the song…love your idea….what a beautiful living illustration of how God thinks of us! What a blessing to my day. Lori

  • I’m so happy that you shared this with everyone! Your kids are adorable, too. Thanks!! ~blessed… 😉

    • Thank you, Lori! Yep. I think they’re pretty special. 🙂 And they still let me put their pictures on my blog. 🙂

  • I saw my word! 🙂 It IS a masterpiece! And your girlies? Beautiful. I love seeing you in their faces, Jennifer.

    Things are crazy here, birthday crazy. Two boys, two days apart and I have class this weekend and life and blah, blah, blah.

    But I’m holding this close: In Him, I am enough.

  • Wow. First time visitor — and I will subscribe. Your blog is gob-smackingly beautiful. I came via Ann Voskamp’s blog and I am amazed at this path to God we all are on.

  • Paul Willingham


    Your canvas may have been too small but then again, you cannot buy one big enough to contain all the words. We have 2 left-handed grand-daughters and it was fun watching the southpaws

    Paul W

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