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Tuesday 8th May 2012

God-Bumps & God-Incidences: What to Expect When …

Hi friends,

bottle calf bottles

Oh … have I got a fun Mother’s Day story for you. I’ll you a little hint. See photo at right. 🙂

I’m telling this short today today over at TheHighCalling.org, where I serve as a contributing editor. Click over to The High Calling and join in a conversation about new adventures and parenting and watching your children as they take on nurturing roles.

But oh … wait! Maybe you’ve come by to participate in the God-Bumps & God-Incidences weekly gathering.  We’ve been waiting for you.

To participate, simply write your story about something that gave you God-Bumps this week. Or tell us about a providential occurrence that could only be classified as a “God-Incidence.” Then add a button (found here) to your post, so we can find each other out on the big ol’ World Wide Web.  Put your link below.


  • Thanks for hosting this great site – now I am courious and must come back tomorrow to see what those baby bottles are???

  • This is my first time stopping by. I signed up to get your posts via e-mail and “like” you on FB. Thanks so much for letting me join in. HOPE you have a great day….and could it be a new baby calf?!!?! 😉

  • Spring…new life–ain’t it grand?

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  • Twins? How fun! Will she enter them both in the fair? What a wonderful opportunity to learn and practice responsibility. Love it!

  • My kids would DIE for a baby calf! Sometimes we go to my Uncle’s farm to bottle feed their latest animal and every time we return home my kids haul out all the old baby bottles and set up stuffed animal farms. Not quite the same, is it? Love this story! I agree- motherhood isn’t instinctual at all- just pure prayer and grace.

  • You KNOW the High Calling is one of my favorite places :). I was just heading over there to catch up on reading. What a divine coincidence 🙂

  • Give a Herbert and Serbert a scratch behind the ears for me! Congratulations, I know your daughter will be a great mother.

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