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Friday 2nd December 2016

How Social Media Can Make You Happy <---- You Read that Right!

Five Minutes to a Happier You

Do That Happy Thing – When Surface Pleasures Produce Meaningful Treasures By Becky Keife I heard the familiar br-rring of my Voxer app letting me know a new message had arrived. (If you don’t know about Voxer, think instant voice messaging ala adult walkie-talkies.) I pressed the play button ...

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Tuesday 18th October 2016

The Secret to Being the Best Kind of Friend – #TellHisStory

incourage team

As a teenager, I logged many hours babysitting kids in our tiny Iowa farming community. Early on in my babysitting “career,” my mom gave me a piece of advice that I’ve not forgotten. Mom told me that after I put the children to bed, I ought to go the extra mile by washing dishes, putting […]

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Tuesday 13th September 2016

What One Girl Taught Me About Vulnerability – #TellHisStory

What One Girl Taught Me About Vulnerability - #TellHisStory

Meet Maddie. She’s a sixth-grade girl who, several years ago, taught me an important lesson about vulnerability in friendships. Her story impacted me so much, that I included it in The Happiness Dare. On Saturday, Maddie showed up at the library for my book signing. She bought a book, ...

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