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I’m Jennifer — wife of an Iowa farmer, mom to two girls, new book author. I believe in you, because I believe in Jesus. You matter to Him, and you matter to me. more »

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Wednesday 27th August 2014

#TellHisStory: What Ferguson Taught Us

#TellHisStory: What Ferguson Taught Us

It was Sunday morning in Ferguson, Missouri. And this is what I saw. This is what I learned. Join me at The High Calling today for a special installment of #TellHisStory. A week ago, my friend Deidra invited me to join her in Ferguson to tell stories of the people there. We spent the weekend... ...

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Tuesday 26th August 2014

#PreApproved Writer of the Week: Susan Stilwell

#PreApproved Writer of the Week: Susan Stilwell

When Life Feels Like A Game Of Whack-A-Mole Susan Stilwell It started simply enough. Please someone, be appreciated, feel loved. Easy peasy. For a time. Then it got out of hand. My life felt like a game Whack-A-Mole. You know how it goes: a mole pops its head up and you smack it back down.... ...

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Thursday 21st August 2014

When “Going There” Means Actually Going There

When "Going There" Means Actually Going There

When I get all angst-y about something, I do three things: Pace around the house. Twirl my hair. Stare out all of our windows. If I’ve got my head on halfway straight, I also talk with God during all of that pacing, twirling and staring. And that’s the way it went down this morning. ...

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Wednesday 20th August 2014

#TellHisStory: The Ministry of the Newly Sharpened Pencil

#TellHisStory: The Ministry of the Newly Sharpened Pencil

The girls’ bedrooms are dark now, and it’s hard saying whether they’ve actually fallen asleep. They are jittery with excitement. Tomorrow’s the first day of school here. Just now, their overstuffed backpacks are leaning against the back door, and I marvel at the fact ...

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