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I’m Jennifer — wife of an Iowa farmer, mom to two girls, new book author. I believe in you, because I believe in Jesus. You matter to Him, and you matter to me. more »

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Monday 25th July 2016

The Extravagant Invitation We’ve All Been Waiting For

The Extravagant Invitation We've All Been Waiting For

So, I’ve been having this dream. And in the dream, there’s a long table stretching out under an open sky. The heavens are coated with stars, so many stars that we don’t need to light the ivory tapers that someone twisted into those crystal holders. The table is covered in a white cloth that ...

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Monday 11th July 2016

#TellHisStory — The Happiness Dare (Pre-Orders and Gifts For You!)

#TellHisStory -- The Happiness Dare (Pre-Orders and Gifts For You!)

Two years ago, I never would have spoken this sentence aloud: “I want to be happy.” I would have thought it, and secretly, I would have wanted happiness. But I would have been scared to admit it. I would have told you that I wanted joy instead. I would have told you that God cared more ...

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Tuesday 5th July 2016

What We All Have In Common – #TellHisStory

What We All Have In Common - #TellHisStory

About 30 minutes before this photo was taken on Sunday, I was sitting in the second pew, head down and tears streaming. I was begging God to help me find the words to deliver to a crowd of 200 Haitian women who had gathered inside this village church.  I had no manuscript. I have never […]

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